What are your goals?

We usually spend many hours in our work and business lives which helps to shape the way we live the rest of our time at home or at leisure. Doing better in business has positive consequences for you and others. But before we engage in any client meeting it is useful to get a sense of the whole person and what their motivations are, in order to more effectively advise them in a consultation. Often a business owner puts a lot of themselves into an enterprise and they rarely, if ever, ask or get asked what is the best use of their time and energy?

  • What kind of business do you really want to build?
  • What does your ideal workday look like?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • Where are they found?
  • What metrics do you think are the most important to track?
  • Have you thought of what your exit strategy is for your business?

One of the best known business development coaches in the world is Brian Tracy. His work is cited as being influential in the success of many thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people. The video below shows a clip of a very powerful exercise that takes a little over a minute to watch. You will need a pen and paper or your computer notepad.  Try it. You might be surprised at what it produces for you.

Lead Generation

Do you simply want more targeted customers ringing your company? There are a number of aspects to a productive lead gen campaign and these can be explained in outline here.  A combination approach with a mix of offline and online campaigns is most optimal, but this depends on your particular business niche, customer type and what kind of products or services you are actually selling, along with what budget you will be allocating to it.